Does your dog wear the trousers in your house?


if so ….. we can help you reclaim them!

We offer all aspects of dog training and rehabilitation from puppy classes to 1 to 1 training.

All of our training is positive, we work on a kindness to cure work ethic. Our methods are very effective, but don’t just take our word for it please read our reviews.

We help you build lasting bonds with your dog….creating best friends not just pets

2 Responses to Home

  1. COLETTE says:

    I have an 11 year old shar pei – who is well behaved and very calm, but feel that he could do with some training to walk better on the lead, is that something you could help with, I am happy with 1 2 1 classes at first, thanks – he loves company of other dogs also.

    • Anne says:

      Yes this is something we can help with. If you would like to call or text we can discuss what days and times are best for you and get you booked in

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